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Harry Potter Wands Now Upgraded To Metal Core Versions!

collectibles cosplay Harry Potter magic wands movies Upgrade

I've just completed upgrading the Harry Potter wands we carry in our shop to a newer more durable product made from PVC over a metal core. All of the wands in our collection available in this new option have been upgraded - and, with only a $6.00 price difference. That price point still keeps us way below the other quality wands available most everywhere, the exception being the obvious toy versions. Yeah, you still have to wait a little for overseas shipping, but the money you save makes that well worth your patience!

These new wands have a much more realistic feel due to the increased weight and more durability so they can be handled, not just looked at. like the previous versions. So far, the feedback has been very positive. If you buy one, please be sure to leave a review when you get the email!

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