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A Poem, by Calyssa L Wickham

The Poem 

She sits down to write

But no words come to mind

There is no inspiration

Of any kind


She thinks of what to write

But nothing is there

It’s not like this normally

When she can pull words from the air


Thinks of her family

And then of her friends

Of her cats and her dogs

And the her boyfriend


They are normally her inspiration

For her poems and her songs

But nothing is there

And it feels so wrong


Why can she not think

Why can she not write

She had never been so useless

In her entire life


She pulls her hair back

And looks at the page

Her time is running out

And the heat comes in waves

Her pencil touches the paper

And then she stops

She realizes that there is one person

That she forgot


She looks across the table

At which she sits

There is her arch-enemy

Who she wishes she could forget


She looks at the clock

The time is running out

She looks down at the paper

Words start coming now


She thinks of the years

Of friendship they once shared

Eyes that once together shed tears

Now just shot glares


She looks up at her old friend

They catch each other’s eye

Then both look away

Wondering why


Why now did they fight

And hurl horrid words

When once they had been nice

And their friendship was the world


She looked at her paper

And then at her old friend

She whispered quietly

“This one is for you”

And then her poem came to an end

- Calyssa L Wickham (Excerpt from, Life Through My Poetic Eyes)

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